You know you’re a true dog-lover when you find yourself scrolling through social media in search for cute dog pictures and videos.  I don’t know about you, but watching dog videos is a stress reliever, time passer, and source of little happy moments throughout my day.  It is really my main reason for using Facebook at all. (Besides keeping up with you guys, of course.) I just love watching compilations of guilty dogs or huge dogs that think they are lap dogs.  Paul would say that my dog scrolling is a “problem” I have, but I just say, “Look at this dog blowing bubbles!” or “How can you not watch this dog licking a glass door for 5 minutes?!” I’ll show you some good ones if you keep reading.

At some point in time Facebook must have realized that like dogs, because they started showing me these dog pages that share awesome dog content.  I started liking those posts, and before I knew it, my Facebook was slowly taken over by dogs.  Best. Thing. Ever.  I can now scroll for hours and watch super sweet dogs snuggling with babies or dogs looking up at their owners helplessly as their cat sibling sleeps in the dog bed.  It is all just so pure and sweet that it is like a form of therapy for me.

For example, just yesterday I went on a run.  I love being active, however, running has never come easy to me even though i know it is good for me.  So I finish my run (a whole 3 miles) and flop on the floor, letting Riley lick my legs as I watch doggy videos as my reward.  

Now, I’ve gotta ask if you understand what I’m talking about.  Is there anyone out there who just loves consuming happy little tidbits of canine love?!  
There are some of you who have not had your eyes opened to this great phenomenon and I have collected just a few samples so that I can share some happy moments with you.

Example #1: First off, I have a slight fascination with birds of prey as well as dogs.  I would love this post to be turned into a calendar…can someone get on that please?

Example #2: I found one of the “dog’s who don’t understand the concept of space” posts!

Example #3: This is a cute video of a dog sitter recording his experience with a sweet Whippet doggy.

Example #4: If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming addicted to dog posts! You’re welcome 🙂 These “then and now” pictures of cats and dogs with their favorite toys are just food for the soul. I’ve gotta find a “then” picture of Riley and Wolfy.  They’re best friends forever.

So I hope those few examples open your eyes to the wonder of dog scrolling and how addicting it can be.  

Now, if you are a very sensitive person when it comes to dogs, I warn you to be careful of the posts that are sad.  I simply cannot watch them even if I know they have a good ending.  I tend to cry easily and of course I have an extra soft spot for dogs and other animals.  Just thinking about watching a sad dog story makes me wanna cry.  If you are tougher than me and enjoy watching those types of videos, go right ahead.  

I also follow mostly dogs on Instagram, although I haven’t been very active on it lastly. Instagram is full of awesome dogs who post pictures all the time! I encourage you to take a look! Just click on one of our photos and you’ll see all of our doggy friends on insta! Coddled Canine’s Instagram

Please let me know if you enjoy these dog posts as much as I do.  Isn’t it fun to share and get a taste for all the dog personalities out there? 

If you have any specific posts or pages or people who post great dog content please let us hear about them in the comment below!  

Thanks for reading today and please let me know if you have any blog ideas you would like me to write about and give some love in the comments and “like” it too!

Have a blessed day!