Good morning everyone! I hope you are doing well today.  The weather has been great here in Pennsylvania and we have been taking Riley for some wonderful hikes! 

Riley will be turning 9 years old this March.  I’ve really gotten to know his personality in that time.  I’m not sure when I started talking for Riley, but I think I’, pretty good at expressing whatever Riley is trying to say.  I think Riley appreciates it too.  I know some of you talk for your dog as well!  I have a special voice I use when I talk for him and sometimes he can be very sassy.  I thought you might like to hear what Riley has to say and so I wrote down an interview I had with him today.  Enjoy!

Me: Good morning Riley!  Thank you for spending some time to answer a few questions for our audience today.

Rye: No problem, Mom!  I’ve got nothing better to do right now anyways…unless we go on a walk?!

Me: No, Rye, we are not going on a walk right now.  My first question for you is what is your favorite trick to do?

Rye: I like to do kisses, high fives, and speak! Can I have a treat now?

Me: Not yet pup, you didn’t actually do any tricks and we’re in the middle of an interview.  What do you do when Mom and Dad leave the house?

Rye: Well at first I get sad that you are gone.  Then I find Wolfie and I put him on top of the couch and we snuggle together as we look out the window and wait for you to come back.  If I see someone walk by, I will bark at them.  Also, if I get angry that you are gone, sometimes I will tip over the garbage cans all throughout the house.  Wolfie says I shouldn’t do that but I do it anyways.  Then I go back to the couch and wait again.

Me: Wow Rye, that is an interesting thought process.  I’m not surprised that you look out the window the whole time because I can see your big ears from the parking lots and then I hear you barking.  My next question is what is your favorite thing of all time to do with your parents?

Rye:  Oh that’s an easy one Mom! I loooove to snuggle with you and lick all over your face at the same time.  

Me: Aww that’s very sweet of you.  Now I’ve got a question that Dad wanted to ask you. Do you enjoy eating the same food every day for months?

Rye: Oh my kibble is okay.  I got bored of it so I had to make eating into a game.  My kibble has two different shapes, brown triangles and black circles.  I don’t know if you noticed all of the black circles scattered around the floor near my food bowl.  Well, the challenge that I made up is to eat only the brown triangles and to spit out the black circles on the ground.  I don’t eat those ones and that makes eating fun again!  

Me: Actually Rye, I did notice that you make a mess with the black bits.  That is a little crazy that you do that buddy.  Also it is wasteful.  But I guess if it makes eating interesting then go for it.  I can’t make you eat your black circles even if I try!  My last question for now is what is your all time favorite thing to do?

Rye: This is an easy one!  I love to hike with my parents.  First we go outside, which is so fun! Then we go in the car, which is more fun! Then we hike on a trail!!! At first I wasn’t sure how to get past the big things like tree trunk or big rocks.  But then I followed Dad and learned how to be a little mountain goat!  I don’t know what a mountain goat is…I only know that you and Dad call me that when we hike! I get to smell all the chipmunk smells and follow my nose and pee where ever I want! And after the hike, we go back in the car and I fall asleep cuz I worked really hard.  

Me: Wow we really do have fun on our hikes, don’t we Pup?!  That is all the questions I have for you for now.  You can go back to watching out the window from the back of the couch.  Thanks for letting me interview you.  Oh, you get a treat now! Good boy!

Well that was a fun little adventure learning about what Riley is thinking.  Do you ever have conversations with your dog where you talk to him and then you answer the question in his voice?  We do that often and we have a lot of fun with it.  Let me know what your dog’s personality is like when you talk for him or her.  I hope you have a great week!  Thanks for reading!

Abbey and Riley