Good Morning everyone! I hope that you are doing well today.  Last Wednesday we launched our newest product, our StayDry belly bands! We are very excited to bring these high-end belly bands to our customers.  The StayDry belly bands are sewn all the way around the belly band to create a decorative edge.  The power of the StayDries is in the extra layer of fabric that is next to your dog’s belly.  It is specially designed to absorb urine as soon as it touches the fabric and it sends it through to the inside layer of absorbent material.  This way your dog’s belly stays much drier than average belly bands.  A dry belly is a clean belly that doesn’t get irritated!  So please check out our StayDry Belly Bands by clicking on this link!

Here is my favorite mug and my Valentines day flowers as I write this morning!

Today I want to talk to you about birthdays…doggy birthdays.  I got Riley as a belated birthday present in May.  He was born either March 22nd or the 23rd.  I really can’t remember!  The problem is that as long as I have owned Riley, I always forget to celebrate his birthday altogether!! Even just a little bit! I don’t know how it has slipped my mind the past 8 years!  So this year I am writing it down in my calendar and I will plan a birthday celebration to make up for my forgetfulness all these years.  Here is a list of ways to celebrate your doggy’s birth!
  1. TREATS! Whatever your dog likes he can have! For Riley, that means greenies, peanut butter, and freshly cooked pork chopped into little bits.  I saw a video of some doggy parents giving their birthday boy a whole hamburger!  I may even go with this option except I will chop it up so it is easy for Rye to eat.
  2. PARTY! If your dog has lots of dog friends, invite them over! Or maybe meet at a dog park.  Just make sure to keep a close eye on the dogs and that things stay friendly.  You can even make them all wear party hats!  Riley really only has one true friend and that is his cousin, Bailey. You can see pictures of Bailey the Black Havapoo on our website!  I wish we could get the two of them together for Riley’s birthday!
  3. PLAY!  What dog doesn’t like to play?! Do all the tricks and fetches and roughhousing your dog can handle! Birthdays don’t have to mean spending money.  You can spoil your dog with a whole bunch of attention and love on his birthday.  Paul and I will do lots of tricks with the pup, while handing out treats of course!
  4. WALK! Riley loves going on walks and hikes.  Whether it is a new trail or the same old one we take behind the apartment.  He loves getting out and sniffing around! Take your birthday doggy on a stroll through the town.

And there you have it.  I hope this list have given you some ideas to spoil your dog on their special day.  I know I’ve got some serious catching up to do for poor Riley!  Make sure to love your dog on their birthday and every day of the year.  They sure do make it easy to do.  Do you have any other ideas for celebrating your dog’s birthday? I’d love to hear it! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to check out our StayDry Belly Bands! 🙂

Abbey and Riley