Good morning everyone!  I hope you are doing well today!  I cannot believe that it is December now.  Time is just flying by!  I am very happy to say that Riley had his teeth scaling and cleaning last Tuesday and I thought I would take today to tell you how it went.

I better give a quick recap if you haven’t been following along with Riley’s teeth story.  We stopped giving Riley bully sticks about a year ago when we realized that his teeth were starting to get a lot of plaque build up.  In May, the vet told us that Riley needed a cleaning and a scaling.  In order to do that, he needed to be under anesthesia.  To go along with the whole procedure, he would need blood work, and xrays and possible teeth pulled.  We thought that this seemed to be an extreme measure since he only just started getting plaque on his teeth.  

Instead of going with the whole procedure, we tried giving Riley different chew toys and dental treats that would take the plaque off without all of the fuss.  Although these things may have stopped the plaque from getting worse, they didn’t take away what was already there.  We decided recently that it would be best for Riley to get the procedure. So I scheduled the appointment for last Tuesday.

We were told not to give Riley any food starting 8 pm Monday night.  Then I brought him in Tuesday morning around 8 am.  One of the techs told me the plan for Riley’s procedure.  She said that we may have to pull 2 teeth but it may be more or less depending on how his teeth look on the xrays and after they’ve taken off the plaque.  I wanted them to take the least amount of teeth as possible of course so they told me that they would call me before they took out any teeth.  Then I gave Rye Guy to her and went home!

It felt so weird to not have Riley at home.  I had a lot of belly bands to sew which was great because it kept me occupied so I wouldn’t worry as much.  I wanted to take a shower, but I didn’t want to miss the phone call so I decided it could wait till later.  Finally around 11 I got a call from the vet himself.  He said that the big molar he was worried might need pulled was actually okay and we didn’t need to pull it.  I was so relieved.  I imagine that would hurt the worst.  However, he did say that two premolars on top and 3 incisors, or front teeth, needed to be pulled because of root exposure and how loose they were.  He assured me that Rye would be able to eat just as normal and maybe even better than before because his teeth wouldn’t be hurting him anymore.  And so that was that.  I was glad to know Riley was doing well but I felt bad that he needed so many teeth pulled.

It was a waiting game again.  Riley would be getting those teeth pulled and all of his teeth cleaned.  They even did a free pedicure while he was under!  I did some more sewing and tidying around the house until I got the another phone call around 3 pm.  They said that Rye would be ready to go home in about a half an hour and that the procedure went well.

I made sure to get there right at 3:30 because I wanted to see my little boy!  But before I got to see Riley, the vet talked to me for about 40 minutes.  I had never met this vet before but I was blown away by his ability to communicate and listen to my questions.  I’ve only met about 5 vets in my life but he was by far the best to talk with about Riley.  I work in the medical field so I would have understood him for the most part if he talked medical jargon, but he made sure he explained each term that was not straight-foward.  He brought me a sheet that showed everything they did to Riley during the procedure as well as documents on how to take care of Riley until he was feeling better.  He made sure he explained everything on the sheets and answered my questions more effectively than any other vet has.  It was so relieving to know that Riley was in such good hands while he was under anesthesia.  

The vet told me that Riley should eat soft food for 5 days and give him pain meds twice a day.  After that he can go back on his kibble.  I asked him about how to take care of his teeth now that they are clean.  He said the best thing is brushing his teeth with a dog tooth brush that goes over your finger.  The dog toothpaste is mostly just something that tastes good so that your dog associates brushing his teeth with good taste.  I am going to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste for Rye and try it out in a couple weeks once he is fully healed. He also said that if I don’t have time in my schedule to brush his teeth that dental chews like greenies are good for cleaning his teeth.  I think I will try a combo of both since Riley loves greenies!  

After going over Riley’s care plan, he said that Rye was waking up a little groggy from the procedure but he was doing well.  A vet tech brought Riley in the room and he looked sooooo adorable but tired and confused.  I wasn’t sure if his mouth looked a little swollen or if it was just him sticking his cheeks out a little bit.  He happily laid in my arms and wanted to just sleep.  He was definitely groggy!  We ended up snuggling most of the night and watching netflix!  I took a picture of him once we got home to show you guys!  My mom said that I look more worried than Rye!

Overall, I am very pleased with how the how procedure went and how well we were taken care of.  A vet tech called the next morning to see how Rye was doing and then the vet called in the afternoon just to check again and ask if I had any more questions.  It was a very kind gesture!  Riley has been healing very well!  He is still eating his soft food and now he is wanting to rough-house with Paul and I just like normal!  Of course we are going much easier on him…for now!  Oh, and his teeth are so squeaky clean and white!  I am happy that in the end we went through with the cleaning and teeth pulling because I am confident that Riley’s mouth will be healthy for a long time!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Riley’s cleaning!  I’d love to hear any experiences you have had with teeth scaling or teeth pulling you have had.  I will let you know how brushing Riley’s teeth goes in a couple of weeks!  Have a great day and thank you for reading!