Frequently Asked Questions

About Coddled Canine and our products

How do I wash my belly bands?

Wash with softener-free detergent.  Dry on low-medium heat or air dry.  NEVER use fabric softener or dryer sheets as these prevent proper performance of your belly bands.  Close velcro strips together when washing to preserve closure.

*Note: For your dog’s health, take off his belly band as soon as you realize he has soiled it.  Allow his belly some time to dry out before placing another band on.  Make sure to give your dog a bath every week or so to keep his fur fresh and clean.

Can I have a custom belly band made?

Of course you can!  Simply send us an email at and we will work with you to accommodate your dog’s needs.

How do I measure my dog?

Wrap yarn, a shoe lace, or a cloth measure tape around your dog’s waist right in front of his hind legs.  Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight and covers your dog’s pee-pee.  Use the chart below to pick the correct size belly band. You can also watch the video at the bottom of this page for more information on measuring your dog.

Extra Small — 9-11 inches
Small — 11-13 inches
Medium — 13-15 inches
Large — 15-17 inches
Extra Large — 17-19 inches

*Note: Our sizes have recently changed to fit your dog better the first time around.  
Please take a moment to measure your dog and confirm size.
**The sizing chart has changed, but the belly bands have not.  
If you know that a certain sized belly band fits your dog, please purchase the same size belly band.

If you have any questions regarding which size you should order for your doggy boy, simply send us an email at and we will be happy to help.  We want you to have the right size on the first try.

What is a belly band for dogs?

A male dog wrap that fits around their waist so that when he pees, marks, or leaks, it is soaked up by the belly band instead of having an accident on your floor.

Why do I need a belly band for my dog?
  • If your dog has lost control of his bladder and pees anytime, anywhere, you need a belly band. 
  • If your dog loves to lift his leg and pee on your furniture in order to “mark his territory”, you need a belly band.  
  • If your dog is a nervous or excited urinator, you need a belly band. 
  • If you’ve tried to potty train your dog to the best of your ability, yet he still sneaks off and pees when you least expect it, you need a belly band. 
  • If your dog pees when you take him to a friend or relative’s house after you just finished saying how good of a boy he is, you need a belly band.
What makes Coddled Canine Belly Bands the best?

Our belly bands are specially designed to be a dependable and comfortable part of your dog’s wardrobe. 

The strap is made of fleece which is very light weight and flexible so that it moves with your dog.  Don’t settle for cotton or flannel belly bands which restrict your dog as he walks, sits, and lays down.  Fleece allows your dog’s skin to breath underneath the band unlike cotton or flannel that stop airflow.

The super absorbent layer soaks up the urine and the barrier is right behind it to stop spillage.  Don’t be fooled by belly bands that use fleece as the absorbent layer!  Fleece lets liquid pass through it but will not contain it. 

Coddled Canine belly bands work perfectly without using sanitary napkins like other belly bands, which only add to the cost, hassle and mess. 

Coddled Canine Belly Bands are reusable and machine washable.  All of our products are made in the USA.  

Do dog belly bands work?

If your dog is marking, is incontinent, or loses control occasionally, dog belly bands will catch and contain the urine.  We find that belly bands will discourage some dogs from urinating at all while wearing a belly band. 

Do dog belly bands stop marking?

Yes! When you put a belly band on your dog, they may lift their leg to mark but the belly band will contain everything.  We recommend that you check your dog’s band every so often and put on a fresh belly band whenever it is soiled. Some dogs won’t even try to mark while wearing a belly band.

Can female dogs wear belly bands?

No. Female dogs have different anatomy than male dogs and therefore require a diaper in order to prevent urine accidents.  We are currently working on a Coddled Canine female dog diaper!

Will my dog ever stop marking?

Some dogs only mark in a new place.  If you have just recently moved, your dog may only mark until he gets comfortable with his new surroundings.  Other dogs mark when a new dog is introduced into the family. They may stop once they get used to the new dog.  Other dogs seem to mark for any and every occasion.  Coddled Canine belly bands can help your dog for short-term and long-term marking problems.