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Good Morning everyone! Today marks one week until Christmas! Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done?  Well I’ve got a surprise for you that may help!  Today we have a guest post by Cindy Aldridge.  So let’s get right to it because I know your time is limited this week!


It’s that time of year when people exchange presents. Whether your holiday calls for gift-giving explicitly or not, our culture says it’s time to go shopping and find the right present for those on your holiday list.

However, finding the right gift isn’t always easy. What makes it easier? When the person on your list is a dog owner. Read on to learn some gift ideas (for the dog and its owner) that are sure to be well-accepted. First, there are some common dog gifts that are best to be avoided.

Poor Gift Choices To Avoid

Not everything in stores labeled “dog toy” is good for dogs. As The Dog Digest explains, chew toys with squeaky bells and whistles inside are actually dangerous. That’s because a dog’s teeth and jaw are very powerful. They will eventually break the toy open, which can easily lead to choking on the whistle or bell inside. In addition, avoid gifts made from vinyl. These usually contain phthalates, a chemical that’s toxic when ingested.

You also shouldn’t give any dog the typical bone or rawhide toys. That’s because both can be unhealthy. Rib bones and hooves are so hard that they can damage the dog’s teeth, while chicken bones are so brittle that the dog can choke on a bone shard. Rawhide is another choking hazard since they tend to come apart in large pieces. These pieces of rawhide can also be swallowed, creating an intestinal blockage requiring surgery to correct.

What To Get The Dog Then what holiday gifts for the dog are appropriate? The Spruce lists several dog toys perfect for the canine companion in a loved one’s life. For a classic toy, go for a Kong Wobbler. The owner can hide treats inside, but the toy is safe for a dog to chew. Frisbees are too hard on dog’s teeth, but the CHUCKIT! Flying Squirrel will soar through the air but remains soft enough for dogs to grab with their mouth. And if the dog is a little puppy, a Snuggle Puppy toy emits warmth and a soft heartbeat to help puppies sleep alone.

Besides toys to play with, a great gift idea for the dog is something that provides intellectual stimulation. Dogs are smart and need to be mentally stimulated to stay happy and avoid behavior issues like destructive chewing. In other words, a bored dog won’t make anyone happy. By getting a dog puzzle or device that hides treats until the dog moves something, you can reward the dog and help it live a happier life.

What A Dog Owner Would Love

A gift for the dog is fun, but don’t forget about its owner. If they’re on your holiday list, what can you get them? While it’s true that they benefit from dog gifts, buying something designed for humans to enjoy can be fun as well.

As Redfin notes, one unique option is the customized pet pillow. It’s a real pillow, so the owner can use it to rest. But it’s shaped and printed to look like the owner’s pet dog. This is especially good for owners who miss their dogs while at work, as they can bring the small pillow to work with them. Other great gifts for a dog owner include dog walking services, training sessions, or even helping repair their fence.

Holiday Gifts Both Will Love

This holiday season, skip the bones and squeaky dog toys to help protect the dog owner’s pet. Instead, focus on safe chew toys and gifts that provide mental stimulation. And consider a cute pet pillow for the dog owner. This way, you can get some holiday gifts that both will love.