Here on our blog, we’ve talked a lot about taking our dogs to a lot of different places: cars, airplanes, hotels, restaurants, parks, and parties. You name it, we’ve brought our dogs.  Hopefully your belly bands have saved you from any liquid accidents while out and about! However, I want to talk about another topic, dog poop. Today the spotlight is on our Dog Waste Concealer Bags and how much they help when on the go! We are always prepared for dog poop and want to share our secret with you.

Our dog waste concealer bag has been a game changer when it comes to taking our dogs anywhere and everywhere. Whether I’m taking my dogs for a walk around the block, an all-day hike in the mountains, or to lunch at a local restaurant, our Dog Waste Concealing Bag comes with us.  That way we always have poop bags to pick up after our dogs and a place to stash them if there isn’t a garbage bin nearby.

Be Prepared

Everyone poops. Including our dogs. I think everyone can agree that when in a public place with our dog, it is our responsibility to pick up the poop.  Dog poop can carry lots of harmful germs. No one wants to smell dog poo when walking by, or even worse, step in it! But what do you do if your dog poops and you’re not prepared?!

Cute and Functional

I’ve been there before and it is so embarrassing. That’s why we created the Dog Waste Concealer Bag.  It looks like a cute cross body bag, but really it holds a roll of poop bags and stores full poop bags inside it as well! Now I can confidently say we are always prepared to pick up after Riley and Lucy when they go on a trail or on the sidewalk.

What is a Dog Waste Concealer Bag?

Now you may think, “Okay I understand carrying around a roll of unused poop bags so I can pick up poop, but why carry the poop in the bag as well?” That is a great question! We added the feature of the easy snap open top so you can quickly throw the full poop bag in the concealer bag when you are unable to dispose of the poop right away.  

For example, you are taking your dog for a stroll around the block when your dog goes #2. You pull a poop bag out of your Dog Waste Concealer Bag and pick up the mess. Do you want to hold onto the full poop bag for the rest of your walk? No! You can slip it inside the main pocket of the Dog Waste Concealer bag to stay hands free and keep the smell to a minimum. Now you can wave shamelessly to your neighbor without swinging the poop in the air!  Then once you get home, you can throw out the full poop bag.

No Shame

Now, I don’t want to shame anyone for not picking up dog poop in the past. But now that you are reading this, I want you to realize you have a responsibility. If you take your dog off your own property, you must pick up their poop. 

It is a privilege when local parks, restaurants and stores allow us to bring our dogs. We share that space with people who do not have dogs.  If people don’t pick up after their dogs, business owners will stop allowing dogs and ruin the fun for everyone.

Conversely, imagine if more dog owners pick up after their dog. Perhaps more businesses will allow dogs to come with their humans. How great would that be?! 

A True Game Changer

Pooping is a natural process…but that doesn’t mean we should let nature take care of it. When is a public place, poop simply must be picked up. If you forget your dog poop rolls, or hate carrying around a full poop bag on your walks, we highly recommend trying out our Dog Waste Concealer Bag.