Good morning to you! I hope you are having a great day no matter what time you are reading this.  Business has been very busy lately and I have you to thank for that! In our last blog I talked about how we were leaving Riley with a friend for a long weekend while we were on a trip.  Well it turned out that Riley was a very good boy while we were gone.  The temperature in Pennsylvania was in the below zero so they spent time inside playing with Rye’s toys and staying warm.  Riley did manage to break out of his crate while Kyle was gone for just a few hours.  What a crazy boy! Here is a picture of the Riley-sized hole he created in his soft crate. 

Do you see the white thread on the left side of his door? That is where we patched a hole many years ago after Riley scratched through it the first time. Being able to sew when you own a dog sure comes in handy!
Riley is to only dog I’ve ever owned.  Growing up as a kid, we had plenty of cats, but I couldn’t convince my parents to get a dog until we got Riley when I was 15.  Looking back, I don’t blame them at all for waiting that long.  Even being the “responsible” 15 year-old I was then, I needed a lot of help to take care of a puppy.  Now that I have a dog, I know that I always want dogs to be a part of my life.  Within the next few years, I plan to be financially capable of owning another dog.  I think that Riley would love to teach a puppy the ways of the world!

I remember the first time I learned about this breed of dog.  I was at a clinical site as a student.  This place I was at had a dog themed daily calendar.  One day a Rhodesian Ridgeback was the dog of the day.  I had never seen one before and I was in awe.  What a regal and powerful looking dog!  I couldn’t take my eyes off the picture!  I wrote down the name of the dog and researched it when I got home.  I looked it up their temperment, health, and history on AKC, watched youtube videos of puppies and full grown Ridgebacks, and of course looked up breeders near me and how much one would cost.  One specific youtube channel has the best vlogs on a Rhodesian family.  Their link is:  I’ve spent hours laughing and crying with them while watching the videos.  Needless to say, I fell in love with the breed.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love Riley my Papillon with all my heart!  He fills my heart with happiness.  I am, however, curious in larger dog breeds and learning different dog behaviors. Do you feel like that? Or are you into one kind of dog and will always own that kind of dog?  It has been almost 3 years since I first laid eyes on that picture of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and just talking about them is making me so excited for one!  They are not too common and I actually have never interacted with one before.  I’ve walked by one before and I wish I had asked to pet it but I was too star-struck!  

Anyways, I’ve gotta know if anyone else dreams about specific dog breeds or just dogs in general like I do.  Sometimes I wish that I could just own a big plot of land and have dogs come hang out with me!  Perhaps this all stems from only having one dog my whole life and I just need to patiently work towards my goal of adding a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy to my family.  I hope that you have enjoyed my blog about my dream dog!  Comment below and tell me if you love a certain breed of dog and what kind it is.  Until next time, have a wonderful week!