A dog that pees in your house can be a troublesome problem. The first step to stopping this issue requires you to figure out why you dog is having accident.  A well-behaved dog that isn’t peeing where they’re supposed to could mean one of two problems: Marking their territory or bladder issues.

Now if you have a new or younger puppy who is not yet potty trained, keep practicing and training. Different breeds learn at different speeds but they can all learn to be house trained!

But if you have a dog that is showing signs of bladder issues or marking, it’s important to make that distinction quickly.


Ensure Your Dominance

If you have a dog that is marking, it could be an attempt to make a claim in the home for itself. Reinforcing your alpha behavior through regimented command and play sessions can remove that psychological influence.

Obliterate the Urine Scent

If the dog has begun marking, it is paramount that you get rid of the scent quickly. If you dog is able to smell a hint of his marking in the carpet, it is very likely he will continue to mark that same spot later.

Clarify the Home Hierarchy

Male dogs may start marking their territory if their environment changes. This is especially true if you bring home a new baby or a new puppy.  Incorporating your dog and new addition to the family in activities together can help your dog adjust appropriately without marking.


Changing your daily routine or distractions outside such as construction could cause your dog to be stressed. Sometimes this stress can lead to marking or accidents.


If you’ve read through the examples above and don’t think those issues apply, your dog might be having accidents due to health problems.

 In this case, a visit to the Vet would quickly sort out what the problem is and offer the best treatment for your sweet pup to feel better and stop having accidents.

Whether your dog is marking due to stress or has a bladder problem, a belly band can save the day (and more specifically, your floors)!  For more information, be sure to check out some of the other pages on our website!