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Family-owned and operated in Jackson, CA.

Abbey Whiting

Abbey Whiting


Basically the magic behind Coddled Canine.

Riley "Jim"

Riley "Jim"

Marker and Piddler

The reason we need belly bands. 

Lucy "Goose"

Lucy "Goose"

The Pup and Certified Chewer

The answer to “Can we get a puppy please?!”

Paul D'Antonio

Paul D'Antonio

Technical Adviser

Ultimate Dog Dad. Techincal Stuff.


​What, you ask?

Owning a business.  Being an entrepreneur.  Serving the community around me.  

My name is Abbey Whiting, owner and sole employee of Coddled Canine.  

Long before I was born, my great-grandfather started many businesses of his own including a laundry mat, and one that I really wish I got a taste of, The Whiting Custard Stand.  His innovative spirit was passed on through the generations to my parents, owners of Piggy Bedspreads, and to my siblings and I.  My older brother is an industry-leading tattoo artist, I am the owner of Coddled Canine, and my younger brother is going to school for a degree in business.  It is so exciting to think about the impact and influence that my great-grandfather has given us, in his example, and in our DNA.  

The way I see it, owning my own business gives me the ability to impact the world in a way that is unique to me.  It is thrilling, inspiring, and boundless.

I have been a “solo-preneur” since 2012.  When I was younger, my Dad and I used to play games where we would invent new products based off of problems we had in real life.  We would imagine how it would work, what it would be made of, and how to advertise it.  Little did he realize, he was training my brain to function as an inventor.  Then, my mom encouraged me to start selling my belly bands on eBay.  That first sale had me elated for weeks.  I knew this was something I wanted to pursue. 

That is where I come from.  

After 7 years of selling belly bands, I am still learning new skills to help grow my business.  It can be a challenge, but I know that hard work pays off.  I cannot wait to see how far Coddled Canine can reach to help others with the same “pain points” that I have.

I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for all of the support from my family, Fiance, friends, and of course all of my customers.  Thank you so much to my family for your advice and encouragement.  And thank you to my loyal customers for opening your doors to Coddled Canine and letting me serve you and your dogs!

Thanks for reading,