Good afternoon, my friends!  Today marks the second full day of my men (Paul and Riley) and me living in our new apartment in Pennsylvania.  We have been very busy, but I wanted to catch up with you guys and tell you how Riley did with the move and give you a little advice from what we learned.

Packing and putting our belongings into boxes was no issue for Riley.  He knew something was up, but didn’t mind because he could stay close by us.  Once we got the U-Haul and started loading the boxes into it, he was a little on edge.  We put him in his crate since we were going in and out of the house with our hands full and we didn’t want him slipping out the door.  He would whine and yip at us pretty consistently so we made sure to stop by him every once and a while and tell him its okay.  

Riley did great in the car with me!  He slept almost the entire 4 hours minus our quick potty break.  About a half an hour until we reached our destination, Rye had an episode of his trachea collapsing, which is common in Papillons.  But this time it was different because he was not exerting himself in any way.  It seemed to last forever and it scared me to the point where I almost stopped on the highway to make sure he was okay.  I assumed he was hot and sprinkled water on him which he seemed to appreciate and he resumed his nap.

Proud mama moment – Upon stepping out of our car from our long trip, one of our neighbors saw Riley and immediately asked to pet him.  He said, “What a cute Papillon! I haven’t seen one so strong and sturdy.  Normally the Papillons I meet are frail and delicate, but he is strong!” I think that is one of the nicest compliments ever!

Unpacking at our new apartment was a different story.  We crated Riley again and kept him in the cool apartment as we sweltered in the sun and then brought our boxes up three flights of stairs.  But because Rye was in a new location and we were not by his side, he was stressed out.  He was yelping loudly and whining a lot…not a good first impression for our neighbors.  I quickly found a solution that worked out for us both.  I leashed Riley and he walked with me as I carried small loads into the apartment.  Our neighbors said that he was so cool and calm for following me up and down the stairs and that their dog would be going crazy!  Besides a few barks, he was being very friendly!

Our fluffy kid is now getting more comfortable in his new home.  We have tried to leave as little as possible these first few days so that Rye Guy can acclimate quickly without getting stressed out.  If you plan on moving at some point with your dog, I would recommend having a friend or family member dog-sit and occupy your dog’s attention while you are loading/unloading so that you can quickly and easily finish and then give your dog the attention he needs while he is exploring his new house.

Please feel free to comment with any thoughts or suggestions you may have.  I look forward to hearing from you!