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Coddled Canine promises to always make your dog the customer. Your dog’s comfort is our first priority.

For the human, it might be good to know that we’re a trusted seller on Etsy carrying a track record of excellent customer service. 

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Meet Belly Bands.

Dog marking and incontinence are issues that many of us dog owners deal with daily. Although our dogs are our best friends, it can be frustrating to constantly clean up puddles and throw away ruined rugs and decor. Not to mention that traveling and dog sitting sound like a nightmare waiting to happen.

That is where Coddled Canine can make a difference. We strive to make sure our belly bands fit your dog comfortably and prevent accidents from reaching the floor. With three different styles available, you’ll be sure to find a belly band to suit your dogs needs, big or small!

Your Belly Band Companion

Wet bags are used to hygienically store soiled belly bands until the wash cycle.

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Using Belly Bands to Housebreak a Dog

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How-To: Belly Bands for Dogs

How-To: Belly Bands for Dogs

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