Business Bag, Dog Walking Bag

dog waste concealer bag


Our adjustable dog walking bag makes dog walking fun and stress-free! Equipped with 3 separate pockets, our lightweight dog walking bag holds poop bag rolls in the front pocket, a full poop bag in the main pocket, and your phone in the last pocket. It is lightweight, water-proof, user-friendly, and super cute! Dimensions: 7” wide, 8” long with adjustable strap.

Easy and Responsible Dog Walking Bag


The dog walking bag is a fashionable addition to your dog walk. Now you are always prepared to pick up after your dog. Keep full poop bag in your business bag to enjoy the rest of your walk.

Our Dog Waste Concealer Bags:


  • 7″ x 8″ bag
  • holds 3-4 full poop bags based on dog size
  • lightweight
  • adjustable strap
  • easy open
  • holds poop bag roll and phone


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