Incontinent Belly Band Dog Diapers

incontinent belly band


Incontinent Belly Bands are dog diapers for male dogs who are incontinent, mark frequently, or have large accidents. Sizing information below.

Specifics for Incontinent Belly Bands

Triple padding for triple absorbency. Not just for dogs who are incontinent but also for:
  • Pee in the house
  • Release their entire bladder into the belly band
  • Make big messes and need some extra protection
  • Need night-time protection or all-day protection
  • Frequent markers

All Our Belly Bands:


  • The fleece band conforms to your dogs waist without being bulky and awkward
  • The absorbent layer holds 10x its weight in water (or pee!) while keeping your dogs belly dry
  • There is no need to purchase sanitary napkins which only add extra expense and are bad for the environment
  • Lastly, the barrier keeps everything contained within the belly band. No Leaks!

Measuring your dog correctly is very important before ordering you belly band.  Watch the video as Abbey explains exactly how to measure your dog in order to get a perfect fit.  Using a soft measuring tape, wrap the tape around your dog’s waist right in front of his hind legs.  Pull it snug but not too tight to get the correct measurement.  Then use the chart above to determine the size belly band your little man will need.  If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend going with the larger size.  


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