Wet Bag

wet bag with belly bands


Use our waterproof and smell-proof wet bag to hold dirty belly bands until it is time to do laundry. The 14″x14″ wet bag features a zipper opening, a loop for hanging, a cute outer fabric, and a waterproof inner lining. It is washable as well, so just throw it in the wash with the belly bands.

Contain your dirty belly bands

all in one place.


Save time, money,

and the environment!

Our Wet Bags:


  • 14″ x 14″ bag
  • holds 20 small belly bands
  • waterproof
  • smell-proof
  • machine washable
  • durable

Coddled Canine Wet Bags can be used to hold anything wet!

Use them to hold wet bathing suits on your way home from the beach or soiled cloth diapers for your baby!


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