Good morning all of my friends!  This weekend was very wet and windy.  Riley and I stayed inside and snuggled as I wasn’t feeling very good.  He is the best medicine though! A few updates, Riley’s stye is going away and I scheduled his dental cleaning for the last week in November.   Our new vet uses Interceptor pills to prevent parasites.  It is a once a month pill.  This is the first time we are using it as our last vet used Proheart injections every 6 months.  What does your vet have you use? And if you use Interceptor, how do you remind yourself to give your dog their pill every month?  I put a reminder in my phone to repeat every month.  We’ll see how that works.  

This week I want to talk about sweet moments we share with our dogs.  As Riley and I have grown together, I have been able to appreciate him more and more.  We understand each other more as well.  There are times that Rye makes my heart so full with whatever cute thing he is doing.  I try to cherish every one of those moments as much as possible and lock them away in my memory.  Let me give you a few examples.

I think I’ve mentioned this before about Riley, but he is a big licker.  He licks almost constantly.  Well lately, Riley has been noticing bumps, scabs, and even moles when he is licking Paul and I.  When he notices these blemishes on our skin, he will nibble them very gently.  I think it is his way of grooming us.  It is absolutely adorable and it tickles so much!  The other day at work I accidentally pinched the skin on my finger and it bled a little bit.  He was licking my hand yesterday when he noticed the bump on my finger and he started nibbling it. It is like he is saying, “Don’t worry Mom. I’ll take care of this boo-boo!”. I can barely stand it he is so cute.

We got Riley Interceptor in the mail and it came with a big huge milk bone. Riley is holding this bone in his mouth in the picture above. He will occasionally get these milk bones when we go through the drive thru at the bank or the pharmacy.  He will just hold them in his mouth and then when we get home, he stashes them somewhere to eat hours later.  Anyways, yesterday while I was doing some work, Riley wanted my attention and so he decided to start picking things out of my small trash can.  I looked at him and said, “Riley, stop that right now or I will eat your treat you hid!”  He stared at me for a moment then ran around the house to where he stashed his milk bone and ran away from me.  Even though he was being naughty to get my attention, I thought it was just so cute that he knew exactly what I was saying to him and how to stop me from eating his bone.  

When I was little, I used to have a stuffed animal that I would hold at night and I remember thinking to myself that someday I wanted a real animal that would let me hold them the same way as we fell asleep.  Since Riley happens to be the perfect size for me to fall asleep with my arms wrapped around him, I try that with Riley all the time.  When he was younger he would stay with me for a couple minutes and then squirm out and sleep at my feet.  But now for whatever reason, Riley will stay sleeping in my arms with his head resting on my arm.  It is the sweetest feeling in the world!  Just the other night, Rye stepped all the way up onto my pillow and was licking my face from above my head!  If that’s not cute (and slightly annoying) in itself, he stopped licking and rested his head on my head!  It was precious.  

These are just a few moments that happened over the course of a few days.  Rye does stuff like this all the time.  I just love every moment of it!  Riley has put so much love and great times into our lives it’s so awesome!  He will forever be my best friend. 

Do you find that you cherish your dog more and more each day?  I would love to hear some sweet moments you have with your dog and in what ways your dog shows their personality.  Thanks for reading and I will talk to you next week!