Since Riley, Paul, and I moved in together, we have tried to include the pup in most things that we do. I don’t mean that he was ignored when we lived with my family, but there was almost always someone at home for him to hang out with.  That way, we didn’t feel bad to go do things without him because he had a companion.  Now that Paul, Rye and I are the three best friends that anyone could have, we take him everywhere with us. I think that he enjoys it. Let me share some of Riley’s favorite places to go.

Like most dogs in the world, Jim loves his walks.  (Sidenote: If you are confused who Jim is, read my last post about dog nicknames!) Paul and I also really enjoy the outdoors so the three of us often have great fun on hiking trails and exploring new areas. We’ve walked in parks, state game lands, a huge dog park, my parent’s land, along the Erie Canal, and of course around the block.  We’ve even put Jimmers to the test and took him on a 10 mile hike in the Catskills!  He hiked up three peaks and then camped out in Paul’s arms the rest of the way.  There is much more to that story, but I’ll save the details for another blog.

It turns out, our walking habit is what highlighted a pain point in our doggy-parent life.  Let me walk you through a story. 😉 Back in NY, we found the best place to take Riley on walks.  It was a dog park/nature trail along a river.  It is a beautiful place!  Our first time there, we started down the trail soaking in the scenery and then it caught my eye…a plastic bag full of something lumpy on the side of the footpath. You guessed it.  It was a bag of poop.  We deducted that some people will bag their dog’s poop and then leave it on the trail and, I hope, pick it up when they double back.  I guess I don’t blame them, holding a bag of poop in your hands another 6 miles is just plain nasty! 

Enter: Business Bag.  It was actually on that exact trail that Paul thought of the name for our product.  A container that minimizes contact with a plastic bag full of poop.  It had to be discreet enough so you don’t feel weird about carrying it with you.  It had to be easy to grab and walk out the door.  It had to be easy to get an unused bag out after your dog does his/her business.  It had to be quick to open and close so that you don’t have to stop and fumble around with a goofy closure with both hands. Our Business Bag fulfills all the requirements!  And…It happens to be super cute!

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Besides walks, Riley comes with us to almost all of the family events and steals everyone’s heart.  He is basically like a little nephew or grand-dog to most family members.  He will go on quick errands with us to drive throughs or quick grocery shops. Paul will stay in the car while I run into a store or the drive through worker will give him a little treat.  Now that we are in our new apartment in PA, Rye walks with me to drop off all of our Coddled Canine packages! How’s that for service? 😉  Of course, we never walk out the door without our Business Bag because you never know when you will need it!

Speaking of PA, where we live, most things are accessible by bike.  We really wanted  to take Tzim out on a bike ride somehow.  At first I spent 30 minutes trying to find some sort of dog/biking carrier.  There are a lot out there, but I am not sure how I feel about them despite some good reviews.  They are either super cheap, or over $50 and I don’t even know if he would like riding with us on our bikes, so why spend the money until I know for sure!  

So…Paul and I, being the inventors that we are, we got to work brainstorming.  Paul wanted to try and strap Rye’s crate onto his rear bike rack, but I didn’t have faith in that…too big and cumbersome.  We decided our best bet for a quick test was to put him in my backpack.  We gave him a blanket on the bottom and a towel to line the rest of the inside.  The backpack was zipped and locked enough so he was comfortable but safe with his head out so he could feel the wind in his hair.  I know it sounds crazy, but we took him out on a ride where there were no cars and we went slow the whole way.  Riley did great!  I think he really enjoyed feeling a little bit of wind in his face and being able to cruise around with us.  I wish I took a picture to show you!

That being said, I think we may invest in an actual dog carrier designed for a bike.  I’ll have to do some more research to find one that is safe, comfortable for Jim, and easy to maneuver with.  In my opinion, something that straps to the biker as opposed to the bike is more safe.  In a normal biking situation, if the biker loses balance, he will ditch the bike and jump off so that the biker is not harmed.  In the same situation with a dog strapped to the bike…I don’t like the thought.  Therefore, either strapping Riley to my chest or back is my best bet!  I don’t know how popular it is to take your small dog out on bike rides, but if you have any suggestions on good equipment, please let me know! 

I think the bike adventure might be the craziest “place” we have taken our dog.  We did get a few laughs when people realized there was a little dog in my backpack. Let’s hear where you take your dog.  Do you try to spice up their life sometimes and give them an experience they have never had before?  I like to think it opens Riley’s eyes to the world around him more.  Do you have vast amounts of dog biking knowledge you’d like to share?  Have you ever gotten caught out without a poop bag when your dog does his business?  Or do you have any suggestions for more blog topics?  Let ‘er rip my friends!