What is a Belly Band?

What is a Belly Band?

Why your dog may need one and what makes up a Coddled Canine Belly Band.

A dog belly band is a belt that wraps aroud your dog’s waist covering his penis. When he urinates, whether to mark his territory, or go to the bathroom, the belly band absorbs the urine.

You don’t have to clean up piddle spots or worry about marking when your dog is wearing his belly band.

Belly Bands work great for:

  • Marking territory
  • Incontinence
  • Housebreaking
  • Fostering
  • Travel
  • Pesky piddlers
  • Excited leakers

Coddled Canine Belly Bands are fully washable and do not require any additional feminine pads which only adds to the cost and waste.


Absorbent Layer

The soft and comfortable absorbent layer holds 10 times its weight in water!


Veterinarian Grade Barrier

Our waterproof barrier stops any urine from leaking out of the belly band.


Premium Fleece

We use only the best quality fleece for the band which provides a flexible, breathable, and light-weight fit for your dog.


Quiet Velcro

Our strong but quiet velcro provides plenty of grip without scaring your dog when the belly band is opened.

Which Band does Your Dog Need?

We carry three different kinds of belly bands to make sure your dog has the coverage he needs! Take the quiz to find out which kind is best for your dog.